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“Ready to write your own success story?” With ALPLA, everything is possible – not just for packaging solutions, but for professional career development as well. “Do you have passion and commitment to your work? Do you want to demonstrate your skills and work ethic?” If so, join ALPLA as an apprentice and become a successful professional in a leading and growing global company.
The requirements to achieve completion of our programs are:

  • Being currently enrolled in an approved, full-time academic program in one of the following areas (or school’s equivalent program) in the US:
    • Industrial Maintenance
    • Control Systems Technology
    • Electrical Automation Technology
    • Advanced Manufacturing
    • Industrial or Electrical Systems Technology
    • Mechanical or Industrial Engineering
    • Packaging Science
  • Providing a copy of the class schedule each semester while in the program
  • Maintaining a minimum 3.0 GPA throughout the program 
  • Earning a minimum of “3” rating on each behavior assessed on Phase 1 and 2 evaluations
  • Earning a minimum of “3” rating on each behavior and performance assessed on Phase 3 and 4 evaluations
  • Performing between 8 and 40 hours per week during each Phase, averaging less than 30 weekly hours over a 12 month period
  • Being willing to relocate