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1. How and when did you first get in contact with ALPLA?
In my 2nd Semester attending Ranken Technical College, representatives from Alpla partnered with Ranken’s career services department. Alpla came to the school to present the business and opportunities they had to offer. They also collected resumes. I got a call back for an interview a few days later.

2. Which study program are you enrolled in?
I’m in the Electrical program with a focus on Control Systems Technology.

3. Why did you choose ALPLA?
I primarily chose Alpla for the experience and education. I decided to go forward with the offer because of the schedule. The flexibility has been invaluable. My supervisors understood that when I took the position that school came first. They have been incredibly accommodating and I couldn’t be more grateful.  

4. When did you start the Apprentice Program?
During my 3rd semester. October 5, 2015 was my start date. I wish I could’ve started the program sooner.

5. Why did you choose to start with the Apprentice Program?
Aside from the promise of leniency around my school schedule, I wanted the real world experience. It has proven to be incredibly valuable. It has helped me wrap my head around some of the concepts I’m learning in class which, in turn, will help me to better use my education.

6. What is your current position at ALPLA?
Maintenance Intern

7. What do you like most about the Program?
I get to learn beyond the classroom with real on the job training and experience. From an employer perspective this looks great. If I decide to alter my career path I have experience in the manufacturing process. That means that I’ve worked with complicated electrical and mechanical systems. For example, if I wanted to move into designing those systems, I have a first hand experience in how they get used and repaired. That knowledge can prove valuable to any aspect that may surround this field.

8. In your opinion, ALPLA focuses on apprentices because…?
The program is a way to interact with potential employees when it matters. You can’t truly learn this field on a whiteboard. So, by combining the education with the experience you can be better at what you do. If you can be proud of your work then the company will benefit. When the company benefits so will you. This program can give you the experience you need to be successful in your career. If that career is with ALPLA they’ve made a quality investment.