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1. How and when did you first get in contact with ALPLA?
I first got in contact with ALPLA during the first semester of my senior year at University of Iowa. An email was sent out to inform us about an upcoming event where ALPLA would be giving an info session about Sales Associate openings. A company’s Sales Associate gave us a detailed presentation about the company’s background, culture, and business. She was very enthusiastic, energetic as well as passionate. After the presentation, I handed in my resume and hoped to be considered for an interview.

2. Why did you choose ALPLA?
I chose ALPLA because of the people and the company culture. From day one, every single person I came across was very genuine, hardworking, and passionate about work. Not to mention the opportunity to develop within the company, even on a global level. I can say that ALPLA is a great company to work for – which has also been my first impression.

3. When did you start working for ALPLA?
I started to perform as a Sales intern in Iowa City in January of 2013 while at the same time finishing my Industrial Engineering degree.

4. What is your current position at ALPLA?
I am a Sales Associate. During my 1 ½ years as a Management Trainee, I got to know Sales, Project & Program Management, Quality, Logistics, Manufacturing, and Technical Development. At the end, I chose the area I was interested in most.

5. In your opinion, ALPLA focuses on apprentices because…?
ALPLA’s unique program gives apprentices the opportunity to get to know everything from production floor to upper management. The apprentices are young, energetic, and willing to learn. This combination helps ALPLA find employees who are already familiar with the company and know what to expect when starting full-time.

6. In my area of responsibility, I count on apprenticed professionals because…?
I count on apprenticed professionals because of their knowledge in a specific area of expertise and the network they have built internally throughout their time with ALPLA.