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We invest in your future and at the same time create a pipeline of talent that is ready to fill openings across all ALPLA North America plants. What is essential to us is the hands-on environment of your apprenticeship. Creative, responsible, and socially competent employees are success factors for our company. Therefore, we not only promote your technical qualification, but also your personal development, such as team spirit and communication. We also count on your ability to accept new challenges as well as being able to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses in a realistic way.

What possibilities do I have as a student?
You can either enter our Technical Trainee Program or our Management Trainee Program. Both offer you the opportunity to get in touch with ALPLA at an early point in your studies. You will then have the chance to continuously return to perform for the company. After successful completion of the respective 4 Phases, you get the chance to become a Trainee and perform in different areas/departments to expand your work experience even further.

Is there a minimum grade point average I have to maintain throughout the program?
You have to maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA.

How many hours will I be performing?
You will perform between 8 and 40 hours per week during each Phase. On average, you will perform less than 30 weekly hours over a 12-month period.

Will I be getting paid during the Phases?
Our program offers the opportunity to earn money while you continue your studies. The wage will increase each time you return.

Do I get feedback during the Phases?
Yes, evaluations will take place on a regular basis. In order for you to continue, you need to earn a minimum “3” rating on each evaluation. A mentor will always be there for you and happy to answer any question.

Are there full-time employment opportunities?
Upon earning your degree and successfully completing our program, you have the opportunity to work full-time for ALPLA.

Is ALPLA supporting me when it comes to relocation?
ALPLA bears the cost of providing furnished lodging as well as transportation at assigned location(s).