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1. How and when did you first get in contact with ALPLA?
Back in school, my instructor was telling me about ALPLA and that I should go and talk to the representatives at a career fair – which I did.

2. Why did you choose ALPLA?
I chose ALPLA because they offer hands-on experience as well as career development opportunities. I had the feeling that I would feel comfortable working for the Company as all employees I had been in touch with appeared very friendly and helpful.

3. When did you start working for ALPLA?
During my 2nd semester at university, I started performing as an apprentice which lasted for 1 ½ years. After that time, I was offered a full-time position at ALPLA McDonough.

4. What is your current position at ALPLA?
I am now working as a Maintenance Technician 1.

5. What did you like most about being an apprentice?
I gained a lot of experiences in different areas which helped me to get a better understanding of the overall working process at the plant. Also, ALPLA was being very flexible as they always accommodated my working hours to my school’s schedule.

6. In your opinion, ALPLA focuses on apprentices because…?
ALPLA gives students the chance to gain work experience while studying and at the same time provides the opportunity for them to return and really get to know the company before considering full-time employment.

7. I am looking forward to working with apprentices in the near future because…?
I really want to pass the knowledge I have gained on to future apprentices as I know exactly how it feels to be in their shoes. I want them to have a great time and that’s why I would like to give them a few things to take along: always be motivated, be ready to work in a team, and at all times be attentive.