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1. How and when did you first get in contact with ALPLA?
I first got into contact with ALPLA at the fall 2015 career fair that was being held at Kennesaw State University.

2. Why did you choose ALPLA?
When I saw the ALPLA table at the career fair I didn’t know much about the company but I was interested in learning what exactly it was they did. Once I got a chance to speak with the Company’s representatives I was interested in learning even more about the company so I made sure to reach out to them about possible interviews.

3. When did you start working for ALPLA?
I started at ALPLA on January 4th, 2016.

4. What is your current position at ALPLA?
As of right now I am an intern in the Atlanta Technical Center working closely with the product development team. But I have already received my offer of employment and I will start as soon as I graduate!!

5. In your opinion, ALPLA focuses on apprentices because…?
I believe ALPLA focuses on apprentices because they know to continue to be a very competitive company in any field you have to always have younger people on your team learning so when it is their turn to step-up and become leaders they will have the knowledge and experience to handle it. Bringing younger people in brings in fresh ideas and different ways of looking at specific situations.