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1. How and when did you first get in contact with ALPLA?
In the summer of 2010 I returned home from completing my second year at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) looking for a summer co-op (cooperative education) position in Mechanical Engineering. I called several local engineering and manufacturing companies and received a call back from the Operations Manager at ALPLA Cortland.

2. Why did you choose ALPLA?
ALPLA Cortland provided me a good balance of calculation/design work as well as hands-on production floor work for my co-op experiences. For full time, my familiarity with the company from the plant level helped influence my decision to accept the position with the regional service center.

3. When did you became a full time employee for ALPLA?
My two summers at ALPLA Cortland were 2010 and 2012. Full time at the Service Center in McDonough I began in June 2013.

4. What is your current position at ALPLA?
Project Engineer with the Program & Project Management department.

5. In your opinion, ALPLA focuses on apprentices because…?
It is a good way to bring young talent into the company and establish the mindset and work ethic consistent with what ALPLA is looking for in its employees.